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In high-purity media, every detail counts.

Best equipment and highly qualified employees guarantee first-class quality from Bavaria.

"Focussing on the client": We develop systems that meet your needs and requirements. Our highly qualified and motivated employees manufacture tailored solutions "Made in Germany" according to your specifications.

To us, it is not only important that our clients are satisfied. We want to satisfy our employees as well. Therefore, we put great emphasis on having in-house staff, training opportunities, and a good working environment.

From planning and development to manufacturing, installation and commissioning to maintenance–you do not have to worry about a thing. With us you can have everything from one source!

  • History


    1985: LOGITEX Handelsgesellschaft mbH is founded by Günther Schindler

    Feb. 15th, 1999: Foundation of LOGITEX Reinstmedientechnik GmbH together with Xavier Kollmer

    1999/2000: Relocation from Garching to Haimhausen (area of 1,000sqm, with clean room)

    2002: Founding of LOGITEX Instruments GmbH (area of 400sqm)

    2003: Expansion by 800sqm; relocation / expansion of the storage and production areas

  • Awards


    Supplier Awards bestowed by our clients do not only reflect their complete satisfaction, but also the performance delivered by our motivated team. Therefore, we are especially proud.

  • Certifications


    Quality is important to us, and goes without saying

    Our facilities and services meet the current standards and regulations. Our integrated management system for quality (ISO 9001) and continuous staff training guarantee high quality, skilled performance and efficiency, to the satisfaction of our clients and employees. 

    • Welder certification EN 287-1 (upon request)
    • SCC (upon request)
    • ATEX certifications (upon request)
  • Equipment


    Good tools are essential for good work. For this reason, we are working with the latest technology and machines that are maintained regularly. Our equipment is always up to date in order to ensure flawless quality. Below you can get an overview of our extensive device:

    • 20 orbital welding machines for pipe diameters from 3.18 to 154mm in a closed head
    • 6 CAD workstations (SolidWorks 3D)
    • 1 laser particle counter
    • 5 helium leak testers
    • 5 moisture meters
    • 4 pressure recorders
    • 2 VDE testers
    • 1 high voltage tester
    • 1 thermal imager
    • 10 endoscopes
    • 2 residual oxygen meters
    • 10 pipe saws
    • 1 clean room for manufacturing
    • 1 tactile measuring arm with a 3D scanner
    • 1 digital microscope
    • welding argon from a liquid gas tank
    • etc.
  • Jobs


    Seeking for a new challenge? Start at Logitex! Here are our current job offers: Your Career at Logitex